Bridlewood Builders Start Homes with Superior Walls Precast Concrete Foundations

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Several award-winning homes constructed by Bridlewood Builders have one thing in common: they all began with energy-efficient precast concrete foundation systems from Superior Walls.

“The custom foundation walls we get from Advanced Concrete Systems are the only walls that fit with our philosophy of starting from under the basement all the way up through the roof to create total comfort in the home,” says Robin Loughran, vice president of Bridlewood Builders in Harrisburg, Pa. “We begin with the Xi PlusTM basement walls that have an R-21 rating. Then the next levels are R-23 SIPS walls.

“Combined with the air-tight construction methods we use, all these products work together as a system to create the highly comfortable, energy efficient homes we build.”

Three Decades Strong

Dedicated to energy efficiency for decades, Bridlewood Builders started using Superior Walls products back in 1987. Since then, the builders have never had a call back for a wet or damp basement situation.

“These precast concrete systems were new products back then,” says Loughran. “We initially had to explain the foundation product to the code officials. Things have changed dramatically since then. Officials and homeowners now eagerly embrace energy efficient products and practices, and the Xi Plus walls make it easy for us to meet code requirements.”

Bridlewood Builders constructs an average of two to three custom homes a year. For the past three decades, each one has been built with Superior Walls from Advanced Concrete Systems. The builder “sells” the system to their customers because it fits into their construction methods so perfectly. The proven performance of comfort, married with energy efficiency benefits, appeal to homebuyers.

Expanded Living Space

According to Loughran, the energy efficiency benefits of precast concrete walls provide more comfortable living space in the homes his company builds.

“For one of our most recent homes in Elkton, Maryland, we created a 2,800-square-foot walk-out basement with the Superior Walls product,” says Loughran. “The basement incorporates a climate-controlled wine cellar using Xi Plus walls for two sides. It has an office, guest bedroom, bathroom, sauna and a living room/game room. All the exterior walls are Superior Walls; there are no framed exterior walls.

“This house serves as a great example of a green, energy-efficient high-performance home. It incorporates a geo-thermal heat pump that is only a 3-1/3 ton unit that works to keep the almost 6,000-square-foot home comfortable.”

The home won the 2017 Peak Achievement Award from the York (PA) Builders Association for being the Best Green Home.

Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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