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What do you want from a precast concrete foundation system?

Durability? Energy efficiency? Dependability?

If you put a check mark next to each of these qualities, then you’re in the market for a Superior Walls Xi or Xi Plus foundation system.

Constructed in our factory-controlled settings and delivered to the job site, our precast concrete insulated wall panels are custom designed and built to complement any architectural style. We’re a proven product that can create a warm, dry and smart foundation for a home.

“I’ve successfully used Superior Walls foundations for more than 20 years in my projects,” says Tedd Donnell, project architect and construction manager with Axis Architecture, Inc. in Yellow Springs, Ohio. “The trueness and squareness of the Superior Walls panels make the system installation easy on the jobsite. And, the thermal barrier within the Xi system is a major plus.”

When you order Superior Walls precast concrete panels, you’ll discover the foundation wall is insulated throughout, including the corners, studs and bond beams. Our special design makes each wall thermally isolated and insulated from exterior elements, resulting in a superior product for below-ground foundation system installation.

The Xi Wall features 2-1/2-inches of continuous DOW® Styrofoam for superior warmth and energy efficiency in the home. In the U.S.A., the Xi Plus wall features ½” of Dow Thermax over 4-1/2” of rigid foam insulation for added warmth and even higher energy efficiency.

“Drainage is essential with a basement,” according to Nelu Skumpija, founder of Absolute Construction and Development LLC. “Superior Walls products ‘sit’ on a bed of rocks with drain pipes for any water to be able to easily exit.  

“These precast concrete walls are structurally sound and pre-drilled for electrical wiring. They are also pre-insulated so no additional framing is needed to accommodate wiring and optional additional insulating. The end result is an energy-efficient foundation that I can depend on to provide my customers with comfortable living spaces.”

Durability … check. Energy efficiency…check. Dependability…check. Superior Walls … double check!

Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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