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R-5: The Original Superior Wall.

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R-5 Wall: Warm & Efficient Precast WallThe R-5 was the original Superior Wall system that revolutionized new home foundations across the country. Builders and homeowners alike have trusted the R-5 to keep their basements warm and dry through the harshest conditions. The original Superior Wall was designed to be warm right from the factory and was provided with 1 inch of continuous DOW® insulation for year-round comfort and energy efficiency. The special high-strength, low-water concrete mix helped ensure that the basement remains dry and the wall was reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers for strength.

Convenient features include built-in accesses for wiring and small plumbing, stud facing for easy drywall installation and custom openings for windows and doors. The R-5 wall has been proven superior by numerous scientific tests and has been the foundation of choice for satisfied new home owners across the country for energy efficient homes.  

As a result of customer demand and changes in the energy codes, the R-5 system has been largely replaced by the higher R-value Xi and Xi Plus wall systems and is no longer available in most markets.


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