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Our homeowners and home building pros discuss their experiences with Superior Walls. They share their wonderful stories of our precast concrete success.


“It is absolutely just exactly what we were looking for in the basement walls and the finished job is absolutely just blowing us away.”


-Stephen Redington, Pennsylvania

“These guys started yesterday, they’re going to be finished up today, tomorrow we’ll be putting the decking on our new home… The ease of this process, the speed just saves so much money.”

-Leslie Keith Poteet, Connecticut

“I like the sturdy construction, the insulation, the medal studding and the access in those studs to run electric and water.”


-Mark Graziadio, Pennsylvania

“My neighbors that didn’t have Superior Walls basement systems, all of their basements flooded… My basement was thoroughly dry, no problems whatsoever.”


-Mark A Griffin, Pennsylvania

“We literally saved thousands of dollars by buying a house that already had Superior Walls.

When we decided we were going to stay in this house and build an addition we knew that Superior Walls were the only way to go.”

-Jessica Hawk Ippolito, New Jersey

Building Professionals

“Our buyers are very satisfied with this particular product… it’s insulated, it’s ready to be finished and something that they could do on their own.”


-Marcia Randall, Fernmoor Homes

EGStoltzfus Homes have used Superior Walls for over 15 years. We feel that they create a great value for our customer.


-Rick Hufford, EGStoltzfus Homes

An important issue for me is that the walls are poured in factory, in a controlled environment. Weather doesn’t stop construction.


-Diane Oxley, North Carolina

Not only did we find that it was innovative, it was a great product. It also provided us with a much quicker timeframe in building our home, cleaner job site, less waste…



-Bernie Iacovangelo, Faber Homes

“We often get asked the question: Are there things that you would do different if you had to do it again?

Sure, I think any builder would say that there’s always a few items they would change, but certainly one that I would never change would be my use of Superior Walls. And that’s why I’m a lifelong Superior Walls customer.”

-Mark Leder, Ohio

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