Superior Walls / Ui Wall

Ui: Uninsulated. Garages and Porches.

Ui Wall: Uninsulated Walls for Garages and PorchesSuperior Walls now offers the Ui Wall - an uninsulated four-foot high precast concrete foundation especially designed for use during home construction below garages and porches. When used in conjunction with the Xi wall panels, a home's entire foundation can be installed in less than a day.

For parts of a home that do not require insulating, such as an unconditioned crawl space or the areas below a garage or porch, the Ui Wall is a low-cost alternative product to poured concrete or concrete blocks.

The Ui Wall, which is L-shaped for added stability, is 10-1/4-inches wide at the bottom and four-inches or six-inches wide at the top. The solid concrete wall is ideal for shorter foundation areas of the home, such as under a garage or porch.


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