Great Lakes Superior Walls has served Michigan and the Midwest since 1997. Our precast walls are the trusted foundation for homes and businesses and have stood the test of time.

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What makes Superior Walls the industry leader? Join our seminars to get answers, and a superior advantage in building your dream home.

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Join us on the second Tuesday of each month for a free Great Lakes Superior Walls seminar. Discover all the in-and-outs about Superior Walls, enjoy a free lunch, and take a tour of our plant. You can experience firsthand the Great Lakes Superior Walls difference!

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Great Lakes Superior Walls


4555 134th Ave.
Hamilton, MI  49419
Fax: (269) 751- 6409

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Great Lakes Superior Walls

Our Xi Wall System™ is the industry leader in paving the way to a more sustainable future with innovative, eco-friendly, cost-efficient, precast foundation walls. Build a superior foundation with us!

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Great Lakes Superior Walls has years of experience and expertise building superior foundations! Check out our gallery of photos to see the superior solutions we offer our customers.



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About Us

Great Lakes Superior Walls has been serving Michigan, parts of Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Indiana since 1997. Our precast foundation walls have been gaining market share since that time and the business continues to grow.

To date, thousands of Superior Walls foundations have been installed in our service area. The energy efficiency, building strength, and maintenance-free aspects of Superior Walls structures are improving on building standards, value, and living comfort for little to no extra cost compared to conventional construction methods.

Licensee Headquarters: 4555 134th Ave Hamilton, MI
Great Lakes Superior Walls Founded: 1997
Acquired by Great Lakes Concrete Products: 2009
President: Dave VanBaren

With the ever more stringent energy codes, Superior Walls system is becoming a solution for great lakes foundation and home builders. With an R-value of 16 built into the wall system and a stud cavity ready for additional insulation, Superior Walls precast concrete walls are a very viable alternative to traditional poured walls and additional stick framing.

Whether we are building for a residential or commercial project, Great Lakes Superior Walls has the capacity, knowledge, and experience to deliver the driest, warm, and cost-effective wall available today.

Products Manufactured

Xi Wall System
Xi Wall System
Xi: Xtra Insulation Wall System
The Xi wall's special high strength, low-water concrete mix also requires no additional damp-proofing, benefiting from technology developed for the original R-5.
Ui Wall System
Ui Wall System
Ui: Uninsulated Wall
Superior Walls now offers the Ui Wall - an uninsulated four-foot high precast concrete foundation especially designed for use during home construction below garages and porches.
AG Wall System
AG Wall System
AG: Above Grade Wall System
Superior Walls Above Grade wall systems bring the strength and energy efficiency of a Superior Walls foundation to your above grade building applications.
Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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