Did the Dog REALLY Eat Your Homework?

The check is in the mail. There’s life on Mars. The dog ate my homework. Are you skeptical when hearing these statements? Then today’s the perfect day for you because it’s International Skeptics [...]

Giving You Something to Smile About

It’s no surprise to many of us at Superior Walls that today is both National Manufacturing Day and World Smile Day. Why aren’t we surprised? Because the work we do in our manufacturing facilities [...]

Shameless Promotion Month

It’s finally here. A designated month that every company loves. That’s right … it’s Shameless Promotion Month! This light-hearted celebration gives us the opportunity to brag on ourselves. And [...]

Building a Superior Relationship

September is Superior Relationships Month. And, while we’re certain this designated month has mostly to do with building on personal relationships, we’re going to turn the tables a bit. We’re [...]

Breaking the Code

No, we’re not talking about the DaVinci code … or even a secret code. However, if you’re in the construction industry, you know it’s important to stay up-to-date on building codes. At Superior [...]

Made in Canada … and the U.S.A.

The first two days in July are very special. Today is Canada Day … a federal holiday to commemorate the joining of Canada’s original three providences into one nation in 1867.  And tomorrow, July [...]


If you’re a Baby Boomer you may not spend a great deal of time on social media. But watch out. Those in the Millennial category and younger are indeed investing huge chunks of time on social [...]

Grab the Popcorn!

Seeing is definitely believing. That’s why, at Superior Walls, we have a variety of videos that show you exactly how our precast panel foundations can benefit your home project. The very first [...]

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