Stop Playing “Thermostat Cop”

In today’s world, the average person spends at least 14 hours each day in their home. That includes family meals, doing household chores and sleeping. During those hours, are you constantly [...]

Don’t Get Tricked

There are a lot of decisions to be made when building a house. Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or a seasoned building professional, you’ll find an almost overwhelming amount of product [...]

Hermitage Club Townhomes Start with Superior Walls Foundations

Growth at the prestigious Hermitage Club means the construction of 16 new townhomes before the end of 2017. Priced at $1.3+ million each, the luxury ski resort properties in southern Vermont are [...]

Energy-Efficient Foundation an Asset for the Home

During October’s annual national Energy Awareness Month, consider the impact an energy-efficient Superior Walls foundation can have on your home. “For builders and consumers starting [...]

Basements with Resale Value

Think a finished basement is a luxury you can’t afford? Think again. Comfortable living spaces in the basement are oftentimes necessities you can’t afford to live without … and [...]

Why Should I Select a Superior Walls Foundation?

Whether you’re a homeowner or builder, the start of a new home project is always exciting. You’ve been planning out a house and you’re eager to start seeing construction get [...]

Five Great Reasons to Invest in a Superior Walls Foundation

We could share dozens of reasons with you why a Superior Walls foundation is the best way to start the construction of a home. But, we’ll pick just five to entice you to learn more about [...]

Lock in Energy Savings

  Do you ever run your home’s air conditioner, and then leave the doors and windows wide open? Of course not … energy costs money and no one likes to throw money away. It’s [...]

Superior Walls = Superior Energy Savings

  How can Superior Walls precast concrete system help you save money? In most U.S. climate zones Xi and Xi Plus wall panels from Superior Walls meet or exceed energy conservation [...]

Xi Plus Prefab Walls: Superior Strength

  In 2012 Superior Walls stepped up its game by introducing the  Xi Plus line of precast foundation walls. Custom-made for the exact needs of each project, Xi Plus panels feature superior [...]