AG Walls: Soaring Upwards!

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When contemplating Superior Walls products for a home, most people traditionally think about the foundation and basement. However, some people are looking up — and using our Above Grade (AG) walls to create their entire home from the ground up!

Our AG precast concrete wall panels are custom made and specifically designed and modified for use above grade. They can be used in conjunction with Superior Walls foundation panels and stacked to create multiple stories as a part of a complete wall system building solution.

Typically made of our Xi wall system, these energy-efficient precast panels can be installed in just hours — not weeks. Custom manufactured off site for openings and plumbing needs, AG walls come directly to your job site and are installed by certified crews.

AG Wall Systems have already been used in numerous residential projects. They’ve also been used to create a high school, a yoga center, shopping centers and the beautiful 15-story Grand Castle apartments complex in Michigan. The 522-unit structure features more than 1,600 concrete panels.

“These panels are typically used for foundations but we found a way to take them out of the ground and put them up in the air,” says Roger Lucas, co-owner of Land & Co. “We came up with a system to attach the panels to each floor with a support system. And, because each panel could be custom built, we were able to design in openings for tilt-in windows that lend themselves to the castle design.”

Close to 18,000 linear feet of precast concrete panels were incorporated into the exterior of the Grand Castle structure, located near Grand Rapids. Soaring tall, Grand Castle serves as a great example of how imagination, determination and precast concrete panels can create a stunning above ground living experience.

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