Making a Decision on Your Home’s Foundation

December is known as a time to finish out one year and jump into a new one. Toward the end of the month, there’s always a “push” for people to make New Year’s resolutions. And, to motivate people [...]

Building in a Coastal Area? Be Prepared.

Florence. Andrew. Harvey. Those are some names you’ll never hear again related to new hurricanes. That’s because those three hurricane names — and 85 more — were so devastating that [...]

One More Time … Answering Your Questions!

Here we go with our final Q&A of the month. We hope you’ll find answers to your Superior Walls questions. Visit our website for more details on our energy-efficient products! Where can I [...]

Answering Your Superior Walls Questions

We’re continuing to answer your questions about Superior Walls products in this blog. Dive in to learn more about our precast concrete panel products! What is the R-value of a Superior Walls [...]

You’ve Got Questions … We’ve Got Your Answers

This month it’s all about questions … and answers. In three different blogs we’ll share the most frequently asked questions about Superior Walls products and provide you with the answers. Read on [...]

Dreaming of a New Home?

If you’re dreaming of a new home, let us help. Click HERE for a link to our free Superior Home Plans book. You’ll find 157 home plans from architect Donald Gardner at your fingertips. Inside the [...]

Smart Move for Seniors

These days Baby Boomers are slipping into the category of Seniors. Most 55+ people are still active and many are constructing new homes for either retirement or vacation homes. If you’re a [...]

How Homeowners Benefit from Superior Walls Foundations

Question: We’ve just purchased plans for a new home in Delaware and we’re starting to think about the construction process from the “ground up.” Our builder recommended a [...]

No More Scary Basements

Remember the basements of your youth? Many were dark, damp places used for storage with exposed pipes and structural steel support beams. Sometimes you had to walk down rickety steps with a [...]