Smart Move for Seniors

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These days Baby Boomers are slipping into the category of Seniors. Most 55+ people are still active and many are constructing new homes for either retirement or vacation homes.

If you’re a Senior, what should you know about new home construction? Do your research. Think from the “ground up” when talking to your builder so that you can start your home with a smart foundation decision.

“Many people plan all their lives to retire and construct their dream home,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “Seniors should research all their options to maximize the living space of a new home before it’s constructed. Having a warm, dry and insulated basement can add valuable space to the home for Seniors to have a home office, hobby area or an additional living area.

“The damp-proof, pre-cast concrete foundation systems installed by Superior Walls are made to the specifications of an individual home, allowing senior homebuyers many options for customization. We can include built-in openings for easy-to-operate slider or casement windows along with sliding patio doors. And, the system is pre-engineered for wiring access or small plumbing elements, enhancing the customization aspects for the basement.”

According to Costello, requesting a pre-cast insulated foundation system means adding an extra floor of living space to a home. In many cases, this warm, dry basement setting can have a door with direct access to the exterior of the home, making it ideal for easy-access. Plus, accessibility can easily be “designed” into a new home when starting with a Superior Walls foundation.

“A new home developed with universal design practices in mind can easily incorporate a pre-cast insulated foundation system with larger thresholds and easy-to-access windows,” says Costello. “These steel-reinforced concrete walls create a permanent barrier against sidewall water penetration, making the basement system damp-proof and ideal for expanding living space.

“Whether creating a home theater with surround sound, a wine cellar and tasting room or a workshop area, this foundation system takes away the image of an old, dank basement and transforms it into an easily accessible and energy-efficient living area within the home.”



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