Going Up!

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Many people are used to looking down at a construction site to see Superior Walls panels being installed as a basement foundation. We invite you to LOOK UP!

At Superior Walls, our AG Walls Systems are growing in popularity. “AG” stands for “Above Ground” and that’s where you’ll find these durable panels — in stacked applications to create multiple stories of construction.

AG precast concrete wall panels are Superior Walls products (typically the Xi wall system) that are specifically designed and customized for use above grade. We introduced

AG Wall Systems to bring the strength and energy efficiency typically found in Superior Walls foundation systems to above grade building applications.

AG wall systems are custom-manufactured at Superior Walls facilities for the specific needs of a project. The walls for each story of the project are delivered to the residential or commercial job site and installed within hours of arrival.

“A conventional wall structure with block and wood framing can take weeks to create,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “When using AG Wall Systems, you can achieve that same framing in just hours on the job site with many energy-efficiency benefits.”

AG Wall Systems have already been used in numerous projects, including the creation of a high school, a yoga center, shopping centers and a wide variety of homes. Each Superior Walls panel is custom made to the specifications of an individual project, including built-in openings for windows and doors. Pre-engineered access for wiring or small plumbing elements along with smart stud facing for easy drywall installation are included and help speed up the construction process.

Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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