Basement Versatility

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What would you do with an extra floor of living space in your home? Go ahead and dream a little.

Do your dreams match up with what Superior Walls can help you achieve with a precast concrete wall system? Here are some of our favorite basement usage ideas:

  1. Home theatre with surround sound, popcorn machine and theatre seating
  2. Separate play room area for children and their friends
  3. Adult relaxation zone — including pool table, wet bar, air hockey and comfy seating areas
  4. Sewing and craft room with walls of shelves for storing supplies and abundant overhead lighting
  5. Wine cellar and tasting area, complete with a bar area and sound system
  6. Woodworker shop for serious woodworkers
  7. Home office for business … with lots of windows for natural sunlight and sliding glass doors leading onto a pool level for much-needed breaks
  8. Study room area with designated computer terminals for each child, abundant bookshelves and a small self-serve kitchen area
  9. Home spa with gym equipment, massage chairs and an extra bathroom
  10. De-clutter zone for laundry and storage

At Superior Walls, we can help turn these dreams into reality.

Warm and dry, Xi wall panels from Superior Walls are constructed with a concrete face shell, backed by 2-1/2-inches of DOW Styrofoam insulation. Steel reinforced concrete walls create a permanent barrier against sidewall water penetration, making the basement system damp-proof.

“Having basement space that’s comfortable and functional makes so much sense for homeowners,” says Jim Costello, president of Superior Walls. “By making the right decisions at the time of construction to use precast insulated foundation systems, you can make a long-term investment in your family’s happiness and in the resale value of your house.”

Installed in just a day on the job site, precast concrete building panels from Superior Walls is custom made to the specifications of your home, including built-in openings for windows and doors. Pre-engineered access for wiring or small plumbing elements, along with smart stud facing for easy drywall installation, are included and help speed up the installation process.

Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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