Housing Industry Expert Offers Views on Precast Concrete Products

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Builders take note: precast concrete walls and foundations are the way of the future.

No, we’re not just self-promoting ourselves, there is a report now available from housing industry expert Sam Rashkin, author of the book “Retooling the U.S. Housing Industry: How It Got Here, Why It’s Broken and How to Fix It” that talks about the promising future of precast concrete in the building industry.

Rashkin’s report ran on BUILDER Online this past September and is available for everyone to read. (Click HERE for the report). The title is “It’s Time for Builders to Change Platforms: Part 4 – Engineered Precast Concrete Walls.

What does Rashkin say about precast concrete walls?

“Concrete represents a complete platform change from traditional wood framing. This is significant because wood as a construction material burns incredibly easily, rots when wet, is food for insects, has poor dimensional stability, offers minimal impact resistance, and provides no thermal storage capacity. In contrast, recall that concrete is noncombustible, moisture resistance, insect resistant, dimensionally stable, impact resistant, and has excellent thermal storage capabilities.”

Learn more about Rashkin’s views on the housing industry at his website, www.samrashkin.com. And, if his story motivates you to get more interested in the options of precast concrete walls and foundations, visit https://www.superiorwalls.com for more details.





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