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If you want to know how we construct Superior Walls precast wall panels, we need to get technical.

We start with high-strength low-water concrete. That mixture is poured for solid structural integrity into panels and reinforced with steel rebar and polypropylene fibers. When we’re making Xi or Xi Plus panels, there’s also horizontal steel rebar inside top and bottom beams, vertical steel rebar inside each stud, steel-reinforced concrete studs and footer beams.

Superior strength is built-in each precast insulated wall panel based on the 5,000+ PSI concrete that is used during construction of the panel. The concrete used in Superior Walls products provides protection against freeze/thaw cycles and water vapor transmission while the urethane sealant used between panels provides superior protection against sidewall water penetration. No additional damp proofing materials are required.

Our Xi and Xi Plus wall panels meet or exceed energy conservation requirements from both the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). One-inch foam insulated concrete studs and one-inch foam insulation on the bond beams help ensure energy efficiency in the home. Facing against the environment, the panels concrete face shell is backed by 2-1/2-inches of DOW extruded polystyrene insulation.

Superior Walls can help builders construct an ENERGY STAR qualified home. As a custom wall assembly, Superior Walls modular precast systems contribute to the overall home insulation value and reduce air infiltration into the home, thereby making a huge impact on the overall energy efficiency rating of the home.

The Superior Walls panels always arrive “damp proof” from the factory and also allow for increasing the amount of insulation without the need for additional framing. The patented wall systems from Superior Walls are custom built to a project’s specification in nearly any home style, allowing you to save on energy bills while gaining additional living space in your home.



Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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