Thumbs Up for Concrete

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Let’s get back to basics.  Why should people be interested, excited and enthusiastic about a precast concrete foundation?

It’s because concrete is so durable.  According to the Civil Engineers Forum, a site dedicated to educating professional civil engineers and civil engineering students, the advantages of concrete are plentiful:

  • Concrete is economical when ingredients are readily available.
  • Concrete’s long life and relatively low maintenance requirements increase its economic benefits.
  • It is not as likely to rot, corrode, or decay as other building materials.
  • Concrete has the ability to be molded or cast into almost any desired shape.
  • Concrete is a non-combustible material which makes it fire-safe and able to withstand high temperatures.
  • It is resistant to wind, water, rodents, and insects. Hence, concrete is often used for storm shelters.

With all these advantages related to concrete, it’s easy to see why Superior Walls relies on concrete for its precast concrete foundations.

The concrete used in Superior Walls products provides lifetime protection against freeze/thaw cycles and water vapor transmission. At the same time, urethane sealant used between the panels provides superior protection against sidewall water penetration.

When you’re ready for the most reliable foundation imaginable, contact us at Superior Walls.

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