N.J. Beach House Ready for 2018 Hurricane Season

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MILLVILLE, N.J. – Let the winds blow and the seas roar. Thanks to smart construction decisions back in 2013, the DiSandro family home in Wildwood, N.J. is ready for Mother Nature to blow in with another hurricane season.

Located on the back bay of Wildwood Crest, about a half mile from the Atlantic Ocean, the DiSandro home was built using 2×6 construction, impact-resistant windows and the Prespan flooring system. The precast concrete floor planks provided the DiSandros with open spaces for their home with no columns or load bearing walls.

Architect Perspective

“There are several reasons why I like specifying Prespan concrete floor planking in our designs,” says Blane Steinman, RA with Blane Steinman Architects in Clermont, N.J. “Like the DiSandro residence, we typically design houses in the harsh seashore environment.

“Our projects are often subject to flood conditions, hurricane wind forces, salt air spray and sandy soil conditions. Concrete plank flooring is a flood compatible material. It’s strong, fire- and insect-resistant, and is built to last. This flooring provides a solid feel that our clients appreciate, is environmentally friendly and energy efficient.”

Steinman points out that the DiSandro home is located in a “V” (or “Velocity Wave Action”) zone designated by FEMA. The Prespan floor system from Northeast Precast is flood compatible and capable of withstanding the harsh seashore environment.

“I’m confident of this product,” says Steinman. “I’ve specified the Prespan floor system many times on projects located on the barrier islands from Avalon down to Cape May. This is a dependable product that fits in ideally with the conditions our New Jersey coastline faces.

Homeowner View

From the homeowners’ perspective, the Prespan flooring was able to do more than just help protect their home, it also supported their overall construction needs.

“Our original decision to use the Prespan flooring was based on saving height for building height limitations,” says homeowner Ernie DiSandro. “Once installed we immediately saw other benefits to the precast concrete product.

“We’re enjoying the increased stability and insulation on the floors along with their quietness. We were able to use hardwood floors on top of the Prespan floor planks and we’re very happy with the overall results.”

During the seven years since the home’s construction, the family has gained peace-of-mind from the construction elements included in their home.

“Our house was built during the time immediately after Hurricane Sandy when the building regulations were a little more conservative,” says DiSandro. “As a result, we are a few feet higher than the current base flood regulations.

“Hopefully we’ll never need to worry about floods. However, it’s great to know we have a solid base for our house that will sustain severe weather conditions.”

Northeast Precast’s Prespan floor plank system installs well with all concrete wall types. There are no manufacturing job size limitations. The product allows builders to gain a clear span of an entire building to create a full basement or crawl space walls under a garage. The rigid product features less deflection and is 25 percent lighter compared to hollow core planks.


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