Brookside Meadows Starts with Superior Walls

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Architects facing the challenges of the lack of local trades people in various markets are coming up with some interesting solutions. At Fugleberg Koch, the architectural firm decided to use manufactured building components plus precast concrete foundations for a 232-unit multi-family project in Pleasant Valley, N.Y.

“The limited number of tradesmen in this market plus the ability to build through the winter months were great incentives for the unique design and construction of the Brookside Meadow community,” says Robert A. Koch, AIA and founder of Fugleberg Koch.

Built in five phases over a period of four years, each of the multi-family units in the luxury rental community started with a Superior Walls foundation and was then topped with modular construction elements. There are also 52 townhomes constructed in the 66-acre development.

“These precast concrete foundations were chosen in part to prevent the majority of the factory-built structures from depending on the limited local labor workforce,” says Koch. “We’ve used the Superior Walls products successfully on other projects and relied on them to keep the construction process moving continuously throughout the year.”

All Superior Walls products are manufactured in our indoor production facilities, with panels delivered directly to the jobsite where our certified crews install the precast wall panels generally in a day. For the team at Fugleberg Koch, Superior Walls have helped with construction challenges and to create a solid foundation for their projects.



Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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