Clean Air Day

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Back on this date in 1963 the Clean Air Act was passed to help control air pollution. Now, 54 years later, Superior Walls is doing its part to help create healthy air quality in homes.

Think back to the older, damp basements that your parents or grandparents used to have in their homes. Oftentimes the moisture seeping through their foundation walls resulted in “damp air” infiltrating the home. And sometimes, this moisture resulted in mold and mildew. These scenarios don’t happen with Superior Walls foundations.

Our manufacturing process uses 5000 psi concrete, with a lower water-to-cement ratio, to ensure durability. This “recipe” helps prevent the transfer of moisture through the walls. The result is a dry basement that improves air quality in the entire home by minimizing the possibility of mold growth in the basement.

Walk through the basement of a Superior Walls home and you’ll find the same comfortable air quality as you do throughout the rest of the home. By starting out with a sensible foundation and building up, you’re creating an enhanced living space for your family.

With a Superior Walls precast concrete foundation, every day is Clean Air Day!

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