Building Safe = Staying Safe

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This is National Safe at Home Week — a time to take stock and make changes to help improve your family’s safety at home.

For many people, this can mean doing something easy, like adding rubber mats to a bathtub or repairing a wobbly railing. But what happens if the concern is bigger than a “small fix?”

For homeowners in storm-prone areas, the entire house needs to be constructed from the bottom up with safety in mind. These people, who may live in severe weather areas on the East Coast or in New England, should think not once, not twice, not three, but FOUR times before starting construction on a new home.

Surviving a Category 4 Hurricane

With hurricane-strength storms a regular worry for many Americans, it’s important to construct a home with a dependable foundation, like Superior Walls precast concrete panels.

North Carolina resident Lou Abbondanzio found out for himself just how valuable a Superior Walls foundation can be when Category 4 Hurricane Florence made landfall near his home in 2018.

“When I built my home in 2014 I used precast concrete foundation panels from Superior Walls of North Carolina,” says Abbondanzio. “We took a direct hit from Florence and had more than 13 inches of rain, very high winds and local flooding.

“We couldn’t believe it when we returned and our home was dry, safe and secure. Not one drop of water entered our house from Florence. I’m convinced that the Superior Walls foundation saved our home.”

New England Concerns

While you might consider it reasonable for southeastern residents to take extra precautions when constructing homes, consider the situation if you live further north on the East Coast.

Severe weather can certainly travel inland with hail, flooding and other serious conditions making life difficult. Want to feel warm and cozy during the storm? Then get a Superior Walls basement.

Up in Narragansett, R.I., the THIS OLD HOUSE® team achieved that homey, snug feeling last year when they started construction of the THIS OLD HOUSE® 2018 IDEA HOUSE with an energy-efficient Superior Walls® Xi PlusTM precast concrete foundation.

According to Jeff Sweenor, President and CEO of Sweenor Builders, the Superior Walls system got the project off on the right track.

“The beauty of the Superior Walls system is that we got a perfectly straight, level and square foundation with which to start the Idea House,” says Sweenor. “Impressively, the Superior Walls team was able to accommodate all our requests to customize the foundation. They created the openings we needed and even incorporated spaces for hurricane tie downs.”

“As a bonus, the sturdy foundation is also extremely energy efficient.”

No matter which part of the country you live in, take the steps during your initial construction phase to build a house you can depend on. Ask your builder how your family can feel comfortable and safe in a home started with Superior Walls precast concrete panels.





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