Passing the Test

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Superior Walls products have passed many tests over the years and earned the respect of builders throughout North America.

In 2009 Superior Walls insulated precast concrete wall systems earned the NGBS Green Certified Product designation by the Home Innovation Research Labs. Now, eight years later, Superior Walls is still the only energy-efficient foundation system approved by the independent labs.

The great news for builders is that those choosing to use Superior Walls Xi or Xi Plus foundations can earn up to 13 points on a project toward a National Green Building Certification via the following practices:

  • Practice 601.2.2 – 3 points – Higher Grade or higher strength of the same materials than commonly specified are used and component sizes are reduced.
  • Practice 601.5 (1-3) – 4 points – Precut/preassembled components, panelized, or precast assemblies are utilized for a minimum of 90% of floor, wall, and/or roof system.
  • Practice 602.1.1.2 – 3 points – A capillary break is provided between the footing and the foundation wall.
  • Practice 608.1 – 3 points – Products containing fewer materials are used to achieve the same end-use requirements as conventional products.

More good news: Xi  and Xi Plus foundation wall panels provide R values that can meet or exceed energy conservation values for both the International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) and the International Residential Code (IRC). And, in 2012 the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC) declared that Superior Walls precast concrete insulated wall panels were evaluated for use in Canada, thus providing the opportunity for Canadian builders to confidently use the precast concrete foundation products.

Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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