Irish Farmhouse Built with Precast Concrete Walls

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It took Cindy Moore 30 years to return to her beloved North Carolina mountains. After living for three decades in Vermont, Moore decided her “last move” would be to western North Carolina … and she decided to create an Irish farmhouse with concrete walls for her dream home.

“I served as designer and contractor for our home,” says Moore. “The chief thing I wanted was concrete block walls. I’d seen how they were used in Ireland to keep the homes warmer in the winter; and then saw again how they were used in the Caribbean to keep the homes cooler. That idea inspired me, plus I wanted the house to be secure in case we experienced extreme weather conditions.”

While she had her mind set on concrete block walls, Moore was talked out of them by a builder friend. He introduced her to precast concrete walls from Superior Walls® and she fell in love.

Customized Panels

Traditionally used as a foundation, XiTM Walls from Superior Walls can also be used for above ground applications. For Moore’s home, Superior Walls of North Carolina supplied full height walls for her one-story, 2,890-square-foot home.

            “I was skeptical at first because I wanted to be able to have specific openings for doors and windows,” says Moore. “After discovering that each Superior Walls product was custom made to the specific openings required, I was hooked.”

Energy Efficient Construction

Built in 2016, Moore’s home features an outside courtyard in the center of the house, antique salvaged doors from the 1800s, a solar water system and solar roofing shingles, plus an abundance of other energy efficiency features. The home was also built so Moore and her husband could “age in place” and remain in North Carolina through their retirement years.

“The vision I had for this house didn’t ‘match up’ with what local officials thought should be built in our area,” says Moore. “Only after the construction was complete did the county inspector, on his return visit to the house, truly understand our vision.

“Once he saw the way we used concrete and insulation he paid me the best compliment ever. He said, ‘you’ll be able to heat this house with a candle.’ That’s when I knew he really appreciated our building efforts.”

Licensee Opportunities Available

Superior Walls is expanding throughout the US and Canada. Licensee and Manufacturing opportunities are available in select regions. Click here for more details.

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