What Makes a Home?

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As everyone knows, a family starts with a solid foundation of respect and love. A home has a similar beginning.

After a family has determined the design they wish for their house, the decisions are just beginning. What type of siding, roofing and windows do we wish to have? What kinds of appliances, cabinets and flooring? All these decisions are made with the end goal of turning a house into a home.

Perhaps the biggest decision a family makes is how to create the foundation of their house. This is the basis for which the entire home will be built on … and an important choice.

At Superior Walls, we want to make your home stable, secure and dependable, which is why we recommend starting with an Xi or Xi Plus concrete foundation system. Our custom-made precast foundation allows you to personalize your basement foundation. Want an outside door access or windows in your basement? No problem.

Most importantly, a precast concrete foundation helps ward off energy loss while keeping the family you love secure.

Visit our Superior Walls YouTube site and look at the many videos and commentaries from homeowners across the country. You’ll hear their insights and thoughts on how they created a home by starting with a Superior Walls foundation.

Take the next step. Learn about our dependability and strength … and then gain the peace-of-mind that comes when you decide to begin your family’s home with a Superior Walls foundation.


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